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Motor Vehicle Accident Accident(MVA)

At SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC, we treat a wide range of motor vehicle accident injuries, focusing on pain management, mobility, motor control and strengthening techniques to accelerate rehabilitation; our treatments provide a multi-disciplinary approach using physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, electro-modalities, occupational and massage therapy. Typically, motor vehicle accident injuries take time to recover from, so a comprehensive treatment plan and early intervention is required for the most successful results

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to make an appointment for an assessment at SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC. Most injuries sustained by patients in a motor vehicle accident will not be apparent to the full extent until several days or even weeks following the accident. We are committed to assist you with your recovery and any administrative process you may require.

Whether you injuries are soft tissue, minor injury, fractures or catastrophic injuries, on your first visit we will assess your function, pain, severity of injury, and recommend the proper treatment program. We will also support with needed paper work, claim submission, and medical services as required.

If you have been injured in a car accident you are entitled to at least 12 weeks of rehabilitation as well as many other medical goods and services. SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC can also help you obtain some of the following additional services (if eligible):

  • Income replacement
  • Care giving assistance
  • Attendant care assistance
  • Housekeeping expenses
  • Assistive devices

Insurance benefits are subject to maximums but if these expenses are deemed to be medically necessary and their costs are reasonable you may be eligible to receive them.

Work Injuries(WSIB)

At SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC, we are dedicated to help individuals that have sustained work-related injuries and as a result are experiencing back pain, neck pain, RSI and other grievances that prevent you from coming back to your regular activities at work. All of our physiotherapists are qualified and registered to treat Work covered clients. Your initial appointment will consist of an initial assessment by one of our providers and treatment according to what fits your needs. In addition to the medical aspect we can assist you with the processing of forms and follow ups. Many people who undergo rehabilitation for a work accident also use exercise, hydrotherapy or Pilates to assist their recovery. We specialize in the area of exercise for rehabilitation and can advise you of the best and quickest path to recovery. We even have a fully equipped Clinical studio to help you along the way.

WSIB has different proceedings when it comes to work injuries cases. According to the type of harm that has been sustained, you may fall under their Programs of Care which consists in the arrangement of treatments proven to be effective for specific injuries and illnesses. The Serious Injury Program is specialized in the treatment of workers with serious or permanent injuries; the Serious Injury Program (SIP) can provide specialized treatment, equipment, and services to help maximize your recovery of function and quality of life.

Sport Injuries

At SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC, our health care providers believe in preventing, promoting and taking care of the cause of your pain, not just dealing with the symptoms. We understand how important is for you to return to your daily activities or training, therefore we get to the root cause of your condition. We provide Sports, Spinal and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy to adults, adolescents & children, for all injuries and conditions.

We provide you the knowledge and support needed to manage your condition. After an initial assessment, our therapists will create a specialized plan that works for you. At our clinic we take a “hands-on” approach with all of our clients, we use muscle activation, strengthening, core, balance and stretching exercises to complement all of our manual techniques. We believe this keeps you performing at your peak and importantly, assists in avoiding re-injury. After all, prevention really is the best medicine. SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC believes we can help you achieve clear, positive, improvements within a few sessions.

Slip and Fall

This is a personal injury claim or case based on a person slipping and falling while walking; the property owner will be liable for a tort case, founded in the premise that they were negligent in allowing dangerous circumstances to exist which caused the incident.

While many slip and fall accidents may only result in a bit of discomfort that will fade quickly, major injuries are possible. Injuries can include, but are not limited to, broken and fractured bones, spinal injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, soft tissue injuries, and back injuries. Furthermore, depending on the nature of the slip and fall accident, victims may also suffer from chronic pain symptoms, migraines, sleep disorders, and internal organ injuries. Age can also be a factor in the extent of the injuries; for example, the elderly or individuals with disabilities can be prone to major issues. SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC can provide the health care services necessary for your recovery and well being.

Complex Injury Outpatient Clinic

SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC INC has provided treatment to catastrophic patients by bringing therapy to their own home. The one on one treatment focuses on providing successful progress at every stage of the patients development.

The Complex Injury Outpatient Clinic Service offers rehabilitation for people with complex acquired brain injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and stroke.

Our goal is helping patients return to their active lives as soon as possible. The services are provided as an outpatient setting, and we work closely with patients, families, caregivers, insurers and community agencies.


Also know as extended health care, these are benefits that many people obtain through their work place or privately. Depending on your coverage and plan outlines SCARBOROUGH REHABILITATION CLINIC can help you with the submission of claims and payments.

If for some reason you don’t have any coverage with an insurance company, you are more than welcome to take treatment in our facilities, we also have different methods of payments such as cash, visa/MasterCard or debit.